Summer time travel on the highways can be fun, boring and life threatening. On the road is where we find bad weather, traffic jams, people in a hurry and short tempers, the mixture of all of these situations can be a recipe for disaster.

The weather is something we really can’t control but the other issues like traffic jams, being in a hurry and short tempers can be controlled.
When planning for traveling on the road we need to take into consideration the time of year or season that we travel and make better plans for what routes and roads we will be taking. When you plan the trip to try to avoid heavy traffic in and around bigger cities and active road construction. Plan out the trip!

We are bound to run into traffic at some point, it’s the nature of the beast when traveling in the summer so patients will need to be paramount. If you have a short temper, get aggravated with traffic and other drivers then let someone else drive or drive during hours of lesser traffic.
Road Rage is at an all-time high and it will get you put in jail, or worse!


Physical confrontations break out when moving in traffic, driver’s swerve their car towards others, when traffic is at a stand-still drivers get out of their cars ,they argue and they fight. Sometimes it goes to the extreme and guns get pulled out and people get shot. So much for vacation!


If a road rage situation happens to you, do you know how to handle it? Can you protect yourself, your family or friends? This is a self-defense situation we really never think of!
First of all! Never get out of your car to confront anyone! You have no idea what you may be walking into. You have no idea what this person has on his/her mind to do to you. There is a 50/50 chance this person is armed. It’s just not worth it! Keep distance from the other person. Don’t do anything that may exacerbate the problem. Get on your cell phone and call the police, drive off if possible.


Being careful and aware of what is going on around you in traffic will help avoid a possible road rage situation. Avoiding the aggressive driver, you know the one! Tailgaters, speeders who rapidly lane change two to three lanes at one time. Being situationally aware and seeing these fools ahead of time can be a life saver.
Travel smart, Travel safe and always be aware!
Have a great summer from the staff at RIDDLE DEFENSE.

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