{Video} What Everyone Ought to Know About Failing

By: Leigh Garczynski, Riddle Defense / 561-398-3013
February 23, 2020

There is no app for learning how not to fail and you just can’t Google it! When we are young most of us had this “I can do anything and nothing will stop me” attitude. But, as we grow older slowly self doubt creeps in and eventually some of us lose the ability to try, to trust in ourselves.

According to the dictionary the word fail means to be unsuccessful in achieving one’s goal.

Fear of failing can range from anything… work, school, working out, playing sports, committing to a relationship, the list goes on and on from person to person. So, why are some of us afraid of failing? Each person has their own personal reason as to why their fear of failing is greater than the award of achieving their goal. This can be caused by outside influences such as failing at something once and giving up, negative influence from friends, family, and co-workers.

I was brought up to take chances and believe in myself. My parents gave myself and my 3 siblings a great upbringing, but the greatest gift was teaching us that we all will feel failure at some point in our lives. And, that failure doesn’t define us as a person.

Each of us were born with unlimited potential. We all have dreams and a passion to succeed. Getting to the point of reaching our goal(s) / dream(s) takes work! Unless you are willing to do the “hard” work you will never reach your full potential. For example; working out. The word itself explains what you are doing “working” your body… it’s going to be hard, you are going to be sore, and you will be uncomfortable. All of that is part of your journey. Set backs and failures are part of earning your reward of surpassing what you set out to do and the feeling of being uncomfortable is your time to grow.

Use Fear of Failing as Building Blocks to Unblock Yourself
F: FOLLOW YOUR EFFORTS! Effort will lead to your passion. Putting in your time will get you past your fear of failing because you will continue to grow.
E: EMBRACE FAILURE! When you resist failing you are only keeping it alive. Everyone will fail at something at some point in their life. Embrace it because it is inevitable!
A: ACTION! You can achieve anything if you are willing to take action.
R: RESERVE THE RIGHT! Give yourself permission to fail. Life is full of hills and valleys. When we fall into the deepest valley that is where we are able to grow… growing to the top of the hill.

Your Self Talk: Friend or Foe? Only YOU can answer that question.
Your self talk can be your strongest asset (friend) or your strongest negative (foe).
asset/friend: I will do a pull up, I am strong enough, I will do one more rep.
negative/foe: I’m not strong enough, I’m the slowest runner, I’m can’t do any more.

Your mind and body literally work at its’ best when you are telling yourself what to do as oppose to saying what you can’t do. Change your thought pattern. One way is to focus on the task at hand and not let the negative thoughts take control. Concentrate on one thought at a time, making it a positive thought, and not focus on what you don’t want to happen.

Life is short… bury your fears of failure and became the Master of Your Life by squashing your fears and living a life outside of your limitations!

“Nothing is worthwhile unless you take risk.” – Nelson Mandela

Powerful inspirational true story… Never Give Up!

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