Nearly 2,000 children are reported missing or abducted in the United States each day. Contrary to what most people believe, young children are not the most common victims of abductions. Reports indicate that teenagers are the most frequent victims of both non-family abductions and stereotypical kidnappings- 81% were children 12 or older.
Kidnappers can be very brazen people as you can see in the video. This 14 year old girl was in the Dollar Store with her mother when the subject attempted to grab her and drag her away. This girl was very lucky to still be within a close distance of her mother when this occurred. The 14 year old and her mother bravely fought the would be kidnapper off and he was subsequently arrested.
Look at this video. Parents, would you know what to do in this situation? Most of all, would your 14 or 16 year old daughter or son know what to do if their parents were not around and someone like this guy did the same to them.
Most teens do not know what to do. Some parents would freeze. Teens don’t know what to do because they were never taught. They have been told to stay away from strangers of course but most don’t know what to do once that stranger puts hands on them. When it gets physical that’s when it matters. Parents, your teens need to know about Situational Awareness, they need to be taught tactics and strategies to use to fight back WHEN things go bad. Teens need to know how to defend themselves, how to fight when fighting is needed to defend and escape from the clutches of the predator.

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