{Video} Little Known Ways to Get Out of Your Own Way

By Leigh Garczynski, Riddle Defense  561-398-3013
February 9, 2020

As a trainer, and even in my own personal fitness journey… the desire is there for the results, but how much is the want really there? Only you can honestly answer that question.

When we expect fast results and don’t take into consideration that sometimes “life gets in the way” we are basically setting ourselves up for failure. It is almost self sabotaging our desired result.

  • Cycle of Personal Sabotage
    -start with good intentions
    -day to day life gets in your way… work / kids / pets
    -feel frustrated
    -give up

Let’s breakdown the negative cycle and turn it into a positive.

  • Cycle of Personal Motivation
    -write down your intentions
    -stay consistent and don’t get caught up in the “all or nothing” attitude
    -work through frustration not letting yourself fall back to old bad habits
    -never quit… never give up on yourself

Write Down Intentions
The “good” intention is there but we stumble and fall back into old habits… really never getting the traction that is needed to keep “moving”. Honestly, this is normal. Everyone, I mean everyone, suffers from one set back or another. It is extremely rare for a person to all of sudden completely change their life and never fall back to their old habits. So, how do we change this pattern. Writing down your small goals to your larger goals. Writing it makes it real and then placing the list someplace visible that you look at as a daily reminder.

Staying Consistent
Remember, exercise doesn’t have to be complicated. Everyone knows we should be moving our bodies. After all a sedentary lifestyle is really not living our life to its’ fullest potential. We all know it but millions of people struggle with this concept..

Work Through Frustration
Remember if you stumble… that doesn’t mean you quit. It means that you need to try something new or start slower.
-set the bar at an achievable and realistic level
-instead of working out 5-6 times per week… try 2 to 3 times per week.
-surround yourself with likeminded people to keep you accountable and engaged
-make it fun

Never Quit… Never Give Up On Yourself
Don’t be hard on yourself! I always say… “talk to yourself as if you were talking to your best friend.” Basically, would you be negative to your friend when working out or say “quit” or “you are such a loser”? So, if you wouldn’t talk to them that way why would you talk to yourself like that? Believe it or not your mind will shut your body down. The minute you say I can’t your body immediately reacts with shutting down. Replace the word can’t with can! This type of self-talk doesn’t happen overnight. Break your bad habits by continuing to work on personal positive self talk!

“Don’t be afraid of failing, be afraid of remaining the same.” Zig Zaglar

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