The title of this blog post most likely has martial artists and combative practioner heads spinning. The actual truth of the matter is that there are no real signs of an impending knife attack. It happens quickly.
Those who I have trained with over the years, very skilled individuals in the knife culture, will be bluntly honest about knife attacks and how they happen. They would talk about how they can set up the attack, enter into the attack and finish it. Very chilling to sit and listen to them. The knife attack is very up close and personal. As they say, the knife is meant to be felt, never seen.
There were a few things I also picked up in learning how to defend a knife attack. Not necessarily the technique or principles of defending the attack although these are very much needed and must be learned! I learned about watching body language, keeping distance and above all watch their hands. These helped me on several occasions as a Police Officer.
When you encounter an aggressive person you really don’t know their ability, intent or even their skill level. None of this comes out until the attack happens. If you are not ready then you will be caught short and bad things will happen to you.
Watching people has always been a pass time of mine. As a police officer learning how to watch others, especially the criminal element can help keep you out of harm’s way or at least give you the time to pick up the signs of an impending attack. The mall is a target rich area for watching people. I like to watch body language of people as they walk and have encounters with others. Body language can tell a lot about a person. Are they having a good or bad day? Are they paying attention to their surroundings? How do they stand when they approach you to speak to you? How close do people get to each other when they are speaking? If you are approached, how close do you let strangers get to you?

A few things you must learn that will help you stay alive in a possible knife encounter: Stay out of bad areas of town, clubs, and bars. Be aware of your surroundings. Know the location of escape routes, exits. What is in your environment that can be used as an Improvised Weapon to assist in your defense?
There are many other areas that we can cover in this topic of Edged Weapon Defense. Do you want to learn more and actually get some hands-on training?

On Saturday, September 21, 2019 from 1:00 pm until 5:00pm RIDDLE DEFENSE will be conducting an Edged Weapon Defense Course at their location. The fee for this course is $69.00. Please go to riddledefense.com/edged/   click on it and sign up!!

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I hope to see you there!!





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