In today’s world of “fast everything” I am seeing and learning that carry concealed firearms licensing has fallen down that same path. Due to government “possibilities” everyone who wants to carry a firearm for their protection and protection of family members wants it fast and cheap.
In our world of shortcuts, I as well as some other instructors, are seeing some short comings due to this in the firearms instruction world.
I’ve come across many people over the years in my business of Self-Defense. Many of these people have gone through a licensing class and tell me that they sat in a classroom and were briefed on the Florida law and shot 1 round into a tube! Some didn’t shoot at all in their class!! They also tell me that they are not comfortable carrying the firearm because they are still not sure of themselves. That’s what happens with fast and cheap, and I won’t even get into the liability factors!!
When you take a Firearms class you should be sure that you understand what is being taught, if not, ask questions! You should be comfortable with the skill level of handling the firearm from the draw and all the other steps that bring you up to pressing the trigger and getting the proper shot placement where needed.
Do you understand the following shooting fundamentals: Sight alignment? Sight Picture? Trigger Press? Trigger Reset? Follow-thru?
Do you know what to do if you need to use your handgun in a self-defense situation and press the trigger and it goes “Click”?
These are all things you need to know! These are all things you have to practice!
Practice and continuous learning should never stop. Shooting a firearm is a perishable skill, it goes away with time if not practiced! Please don’t fool yourself in this area. Time takes away everything including your shooting skill.

Handgun Fundamentals/Concealed Carry Qualification Course
October 6, 2019
10:00 AM to 3:00 PM

Handgun Fundamentals – Concealed Carry Qualification Course

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