Joe McIver

Joe McIver

Assistant Instructor / Black Belt


Originally from Virginia Beach, VA.  My wife Holly and I relocated to Boca Raton from Pennsylvania in 2013. I have a Master’s Degree in Strategic Leadership and currently work in telecommunications as a business strategist.

I’ve always been interested in martial arts, but didn’t get the opportunity to study until my first year of college. After the first class, I found that it was a sport and discipline that I truly enjoyed. My studies throughout college, working diligently to earn both my Bachelor’s  Degree and my Black Belt. After college, life happened, priorities changed, and my martial arts studies ground to a halt. I studied a few styles intermittently in the 20 or so years since (more off than on). Until, my wife gave me some classes at a different Krav Maga school when we moved to Florida.  The spark was reignited.

I got introduced to Riddle Defense in late 2015, by taking a group Force on Force Simunition class. I was impressed with the instruction, team, facility, and the broad spectrum of offerings. A few weeks later I joined PSDS as a Krav Maga student. In the time since, I’ve dedicated myself to the study of combatives (armed and unarmed) with John and to upping my fitness and strength levels with Leigh (it seemed much easier in my 20’s!).

John and Leigh have created a great family at Riddle Defense where you can learn, grow, and meet your goals. I’m proud to be part of the team and I truly enjoy supporting and helping others. I’m honored to help people in our community learn these important skills to protect themselves and their loved ones.

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