Thoughts About Living in The Pandemic World

By: John Riddle, Riddle Defense 561-262-7840

I guess it was in January when we first started to hear about the Coronavirus (COVID-19) and how it was effecting China. At that time, we didn’t think much about it. I guess because it wasn’t effecting us. Now that it has hit worldwide and on our homeland we need to start thinking about what we are in and how to best work through it as an individual, family and a society here in America, the best country in the free world!

First of all, no matter what your opinion of our government is, be it on the Federal, State or local levels, we need to listen to them. Gather as much information to educate yourself from the briefings and from the CDC. DO NOT listen to anything that comes from social media and also limit the time you listen to the news. Listening to the news channels 24/7 can slowly overwhelm you, confuse you and sometimes cause internal panic. Control your mind with what you take in. The mind navigates the body.

We are our own “First Responder”. As head of a household, a married couple or single parent and even single guys and gals living together or alone, you are your own First Responder! Someone in that “Unit” needs to be a leader. Being a leader means being prepared, motivating, strong in bad times, being there for others, giving good advice to others when asked, but most of all leading by example.

Be an asset not a liability in these days of uncertainty. Build up the weaker and develop them into assets. Give your family something to do while in quarantine. Make it productive, make it fun. Try and keep their minds clear and focus on the task at hand. Teach them something that will help get them by in this situation and later in life!

If you are not the leader type then get involved in making your life and your neighbor’s life better during this time. Check in on them, make sure they have what they need. Just be nice to each other.

We all need to work as a team to get through this. Times are tough! I’m sure it can be tougher, but it’s not over!! Look at it as a challenge and get after it!

10 Stress Busters:

1. Limit your Intake: Choose a single news source and put a daily time limit on how much you watch.

2. Build Strength from the Past: We survived 9/11, major hurricanes, and the financial crash of 2008. We’re still here, and stronger! Remind yourself that you will get through this.

3. Watch a Comedy: There are thousands of movies, YouTube videos that will distract us from our current situation. One of my favorites is on YouTube with Kevin Hart “What the Fit”. Hilarious!

4. Check On Neighbors: You may be at low risk of severe consequences from the virus, but it may not be the same for your neighbors whose immune systems are compromised. A phone call or daily text will not only make them feel good, it will make you feel good. Constant reminder that there are others out there that have it much worse than you, and you are not the only one feeling the loneliness and stress.

5. Support Small Businesses: Here’s a suggestion from a friend… buy a gift card that can be used in the future. Gives you or someone you gifted something to look forward to and helps the business…. every dollar counts and is always appreciated!

6. Send Gifts in the Mail via Online: Whether through Amazon or another online business send a gift directly to a loved one. Everyone loves surprises and it can be a huge pick-me-up during this stressful time!

7. Take Advantage of Your “Extra” Time: Be productive by taking an online course. It’s liberating, having extra time. If your company has implemented a work from home policy, use the time you previously spent on commuting doing something around the house that you never had time to do before. This is like a “gift” in the midst of the stress!

8. Random Acts of Kindness: Kindness doesn’t require money. Comment on a colleague’s LinkedIn post. Mail a hand written note of appreciation to a friend or colleague. Thank the first responders for risking their lives every single day to keep “you” safe (doctors / nurses / EMT’s / Police Officers). Checking out of the grocery store… thank the manager… thank the cashier; they are also risking their lives so that we have food! Think of those who could benefit from your thoughtfulness and generosity. Then act!

9. Start & End Each Day With Gratitude: Open and close your day, every day, with a positive acknowledgement of something you accomplished, learned or are grateful for. It’s amazing how much your attitude will change when you count your blessings. Whether big or small… each one counts.

10. Connect with Family and Friends: In times of constant negative messaging, you need positive people around you. Attitudes of others are contagious! Here at Riddle Defense we are offering online “virtual” training sessions; having students continue with their “normal” routine in a different variation helps to build a positive community environment. We’ve even started a weekly “family dessert party”. Every Sunday evening our family members from Florida, Massachusetts and California connect with each other in a group virtual party. It’s heartwarming, stress reducing and laughter inducing! This time together in a virtual way helps us know that together, we’ll get through this.

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