Total length was great. The review of rapid fire strikes on first day was very helpful but I feel could have been cut down just a bit to allow for more time around the vehicle. Maybe even get the quick tutorial of the different attacks completed that day so the next 2 days can be right to the car.

The most valuable portion by far was the drills with impact reducing suits. (Hats off to the team as I know they took a beating) As with anything, reps is the name of the game. I would say that at a minimum every attack from a suited attacker should be done at least twice time permitting. The first one gets you the adrenaline charge and the humbling of being in a less than ideal environment. The second allows you to sharpen the counter-attack. (I think we did more than one on most but maybe not all)

The other thing I would maybe consider is a brief component on attacks though an open or broken side window. Many cars self lock these days but attacks can definitely happen through a window.

The situational awareness component is a huge plus in the course and overall I think it was a great presentation.

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