Christine E. Rodenbo

I really enjoyed all 3 segments of the class and appreciated how they built on the previous segment. I felt it important to implement the base skills in a more dynamic way that integrated movement the first session. Driving the attacker back while executing powerful techniques was more challenging than I expected it to be and fully benefited from that opportunity.

I appreciated being able to train in the close car environment as it added a completely new level of intensity. Having multiple segments gave me time to reflect and improve from one session to the next. For instance, I realized I was continually trying to knee the attacker with my right knee, but often that was completely ineffective and I had to be more comfortable using my left and quickly adjust or just alternate knees to begin with.

I was incredibly grateful for the team allowing us to train with them in suits as it gave a bit more freedom to follow through with techniques and make contact. There was consistent and useful feedback throughout the session and care for ensuring that I understood if a technique I was using was or was not effective.

I really like that the sessions were split and had the amount of time that they did. I would have even liked a bit more practice to work on techniques (takedown) or multiple attackers.

As always, greatly appreciate the training and learning opportunities provided by you and the team!

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