Testimonial Category: Vehicle Combatives

Fuad Abbsi

This course was an eye opener In terms of defense inside and outside a vehicle. These tactics have to be learned because our natural response and reflexes could end up in a bad situation quickly. Johns no nonsense approach to self defense certainly carries over into the defense course inside a vehicle.. Invaluable training for […]


Total length was great. The review of rapid fire strikes on first day was very helpful but I feel could have been cut down just a bit to allow for more time around the vehicle. Maybe even get the quick tutorial of the different attacks completed that day so the next 2 days can be […]


Basic Self Defense In & Around Vehicle was an extremely educational and eye opening experience. There are many details that I would not ever think about when fighting in or around the vehicle, if it wasn’t for the this course. The techniques, the presentation and the level of explanation by John and his team were […]

Elizabeth Daghmizian

I did 2 classes and I feel it was a great experience. A realistic situation that it can happen anytime. And it give me a little more confidence getting in and out of my car or around any parking lot, not only confidence but awareness. Thank you for making this class. I really appreciate.

Joseph Vazquez

I thought the course was a great addition to reminding us of the growing evil in society. It made the thought of being attacked in and around one’s car a reality. I appreciated the black belts amped aggressiveness as it helped switch my mind a little bit more to that fight/flight response. More of that […]

Christine E. Rodenbo

I really enjoyed all 3 segments of the class and appreciated how they built on the previous segment. I felt it important to implement the base skills in a more dynamic way that integrated movement the first session. Driving the attacker back while executing powerful techniques was more challenging than I expected it to be […]

Carolina Orr

I was only present for the last day but this was one of my favorite classes I’ve ever taken. I think what we learned was very valuable to anyone who has a car and it’s important to increase people’s awareness that these attacks can happen at any time in any place whether it’s at the […]

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