Frog Fuel Protein Ultra – Caffeine


Frog Fuel Ultra Super Fuel Energized

cost: $45 (1 box with 24 x 1.2-oz packets / mixed berry

•Pre-workout and Endurance Fuel

•8g Enzyme-hydrolyzed protein for rapid absorption

•10g Carbohydrates (Simple & Complex Blend)

•1500Mg Beta-Alanine

•1500Mg Citrulline Malate


•80Mg Caffeine

•Drink from the packet or mix with water

•NO Fat, Gluten, or Lactose

•NO banned substances*, NO GMOs, NO artificial flavors

*NCAA prohibits caffeine >15micrograms/ML. Although your physiology may vary, this is equivalent to approximately 6 servings of Frog Fuel Ultra Energized.

*The caffeine contained in Frog Fuel comes from green coffee beans and does NOT contain the carcinogens typically found in roasted coffee beans.

What is an Enzyme-Hydrolyzed Protein?

Frog Fuel is pre-digested with a special fruit enzyme. This enzyme breaks down peptide bonds in the protein, making the molecules much easier to digest and more quickly absorbed than those of normal proteins.

What is Beta-Alanine?

A naturally-occurring amino that increases endurance, delays muscle fatigue, increases muscle mass, strength, and power output. Makes carnosine in the body, which controls the buildup of acid in the muscles during extended or intense exercise.

What is Citrulline Malate?

Powers ATP (Cellular energy transfer mechanism) in the body and rids the body of metabolic pollutants like ammonia and lactic acid. Less fatigue and better recovery.

Why does this one have caffeine?

Caffeine in moderation has shown benefits in many sports including distance running, cycling, weightlifting, and soccer among others. Because our protein is rapidly absorbed, Frog Fuel Ultra is especially effective before and during exercise. Frog Fuel Ultra is designed to be functional and efficient; not make you completely unhinged.

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