In yesterday’s blog , “Parents Complacency May Be Dangerous To Their Teens” you were informed that contrary to what most people hear or believe 81% of children kidnapped are 12 years of age or older.
If you read the blog then you saw the video of the attempted abduction of the young girl at the Dollar General Store. The video shows how fast an abduction could happen. Again, how prepared are you and more importantly how prepared is your teen to defend themselves against a predator who has bad intent. The predator’s intent can be personal or it can be to make money and supply teens to trafficking groups who move children throughout the country and around the world for profit.
According to the Human Trafficking Hotline, Florida ranks third in the U.S. in human trafficking cases reported by states, behind only California and Texas. Half of all trafficking victims are under the age of 18.
Summer is right around the corner, school will be out of session and the kids will be taking off to the beach and to other activities together with friends and without parents. It’s their time to break free and get away. We have all been there!
Predators know that summer is a great time to be out and about and searching for who they think is an easy target. Preying on those who are not paying attention, those who travel alone and those who look like they have no ability to protect themselves.
Predators look for and prey on those they believe are weak. Signs of weakness to a predator can be anything from potential victims not paying attention to what goes on around them, do they have an injury, age and gender. How do your teens carry themselves? Are they always on the phone talking or texting? Oblivious to what is going on around them? Are they fit or out of shape? If this is your teen or teens then they have a good chance of being victims.
I am a big advocate of people learning situational awareness, self-defense and being generally fit for life. Those who are aware of what goes on around them usually can see far enough ahead to intercept and avoid a dangerous situations. Self-defense is always a good thing to learn. Self-defense and fitness are not only good for self- protection and self-preservation but it also instills discipline in your life.
Summer is coming, get your teens off the couch, into the gym and learning some new skills that they can carry with them for life!

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