Learning Series…
feeding your mind, body & soul

RIDDLE DEFENSE presents a year-long learning series…. “FACTS & SNACKS” This series will take place on a Wednesday evening with various topics and presenters.

All lectures are open to the general public as well as Riddle Defense students.

Wednesday, June 24th at 7 PM
With Jaime Vega Junior,
Zoticon Solutions *Emergency Medical Training*

Title: Civilian Medicine Overview: CPR & Bleeding Control Fundamentals

Instructor: Jaime Vega Junior,
Zoticon Solutions *Emergency Medical Training*

Zoticon is a Florida based veteran owned medical training company with a simple motto, “Train Hard – Be Prepared – Stay Alive.” These three simple phrases require much more from us than you would think. Every day is a new opportunity to make a difference in not only our lives but those that we love and interact with during the course of a normal day. We have to constantly work on our mental, physical and spiritual selves to ensure that when the time presents itself we can manage the circumstance with the least harm to our bodies, minds, and hearts.

Cost: $10 per person

Facts & Snacks: Plant Powered with John Torres
NEW DATE: Wednesday, July 29, 2020


Eat to Live
Eat to Feel Well
Eat to Perform
Eat For Your Health

Guest Speaker: John Torres

Riddle Defense Training Facility
1000 NW 1st Ave, Bay # 7
Boca Raton, FL 33432

Cost: $10 per person


Title: Intro to Yoga Vinyasa and Meditation

Instructor: Vittoria Di Benedetto

Course Description:
This class is designed for Yoga practitioners of all levels, from beginners who have never taken a Yoga class before, to those who are already familiar with the practice. We will combine breath work with the physical practice of Yoga (also known as the Asana practice). The class will start out with a few breathing exercises, followed by the physical practice using our breath to guide the flow of movement, finishing off with a final relaxation and small meditation to close up the practice.

Cost: $10 per person

Title: Self Defense Law: Home Defense, Stand Your Ground & Self Defense

Instructor: Bill Fraser,
Chief Investigator with the State Attorney’s Office
45 years experience as a Homicide Detective

Topics to Be Covered:
Home Defense
Stand Your Ground
Self Defense

Cost: $10 per person

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