Education on personal readiness and survival in the worst case scenarios.

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Season 3

Episode 8: Interview with Gary Klugiewicz Retired Milwaukee County Sheriff Office Captain

Gary is a retired Milwaukee County Sheriff Office Captain with over 40 years of experience in conflict Management.

Gary has taught in Law Enforcement , Healthcare, Mental Health, Education and more.

Gary is an accomplished Martial Artist and has recently been inducted into the Law Enforcement Instructor Hall of Fame.

Join John and Gary as they discuss “The State of Training: Past, Present and Future.

Episode 7: Interview with Bram Frank – Founder of Modern Arnis

Bram Frank is a first generation personal student, and disciple of the late Grandmaster Remy Presas, the Father and Founder of MODERN ARNIS.

Bram has studied various fighting arts such as Wing Chun, JKD, American Freestyle Karate for over 40 years and has taken the principles from each as they can be applied to Filipino Martial Arts. Bram holds Dan rank in several arts and has been Director of Blunt & Edged weapons training for several federations worldwide. Currently he is Director of Edged Weapons training @ the S2 Law Enforcement-Security Institute. Over the last several years Bram has concentrated on the use of edged weapons / tools as a principle instrument of self defense and its use in Military, Police and Anti Terror applications. The World Head of Family Sokeship Grandmaster Council has recently recognized Bram as the First Modern Grandmaster on their council: the Grandmaster of a Tactical –Combative Fighting art: Common Sense: Self Defense- Street Combat and its Tactical application Modular Martial Blade Craft.

In December of 2007 Bram was Black Belt Magazines Hall of Fame Weapons Instructor of the Year. This is Bram‟s singular honor that reflects and respects his time with Professor Presas who himself won the Black Belt Weapons Instructor of the Year in 1994. Action Martial Arts Magazine and their Martial Arts Hall of Fame in January of 2008 named Bram the Grandmaster of the Year 2008.

Episode 6: Interview with Jason Brick – Martial Artist – Author

On this episode of “ConditionOne Podcast” I spoke with guest Jason Brick. Jason is an accomplished Martial Artist and Author.

We spoke about his time in Japan when he ran a High School Martial Arts program and his newest book “The Safest Family on The Block” A book about how to keep your family safe in any environment.

Episode 5: Q&A With John Riddle

On this segment of the Condition One Podcast we are answering a handful of questions that were generated through email. These were great questions from listeners. Keep them coming and we will make this a regular section on the podcast!!

All questions will be answered ! Send them directly to me at

Episode 4: Gabe “The Pitbull” Cohen. Life and Times on and off the Street

On this episode of the Condition One Podcast with John Riddle, John speaks with Gabe Cohen. Gabe Cohen is a Black Belt, self-defense expert and Chief Instructor of American Krav Maga. Gabe came up hard. A street fighter, bouncer, personal protection agent and security professional. He earned his nickname “The Pit Bull” because of his aggressiveness in the real world arena, not in the traditional martial arts dojo. There is much more to Gabe’s story that you will have to tune in and listen to.

Episode 3: Ed Mireles Retired FBI and Author of “FBI Miami Firefight…Five Minutes that Changed the Bureau

On this episode of the Condition One Podcast with John Riddle, John talks with Retired FBI agent Edmundo Mireles. Ed is one of the surviving members of the FBI Miami Shootout that occurred on April 11, 1986. It was within five minutes that two bank robbers and two FBI agents were dead, five other agents were wounded, three critically. This incident would change FBI AND law Enforcement training, tactics and weaponry forever. Ed wrote the book: FBI Miami Firefight- Five Minutes that changed the Bureau.

Episode 2: Stephen Lombardi Retired Warwick, RI Police Officer and Martial Artist

On this episode of the Condition One Podcast with John Riddle, John speaks with retired Warwick, Rhode Island law enforcement officer and martial artist Steve Lombardi. John talks to Steve about his ten years on the US Marshall Service Task Force and ten years of SWAT chasing down the worst of the worst of the criminal world. Steve is also an accomplished martial artist and Combatives instructor with a unique training methodology which was ties into Steve’s training of civilians and law enforcement personnel.

Episode 1: Parking Lot Awareness

Back for Season 3 Episode 1 on “Parking Lot Awareness.” Condition One By John Riddle is a Podcast that covers the Warrior Mindset. Here you will hear topics on self-defense, staying fit, firearms training, staying alert, as well as interviews with top experts in their respective fields. We will also cover the aftermath and interview victims of violent crimes and their take on survival mentality. Join us for an exciting season and be sure to checkout season 1 and 2 on Youtube, Spotify and Anchor!

Season 2

Episode 8: John Riddle – Condition One: Situational Awareness

Self Defense Expert, Firearms Instructor, Public Speaker and Condition One Podcast Host- Listen in on John as he talks about situational awareness and explains how being more aware can keep us out of most bad situations . John breaks down situational awareness in color codes and makes it very easy to understand.

Episode 7: Brandy Spoerle

Brandy is a wife and mother of 4. She has been in the Martial Arts on and off for most of her life. She grew up in Texas hunting and fishing, has studied Wildlife and Fisheries, Ecology and Game Management at Texas A&M University. It wasn’t until Brandy was physically attacked while at a gas station that she got serious about training in Fitness, Self Defense and Firearms. Tune in and listen to Brandy talk about that incident and her present mindset of training and survival.

Episode 6: Lt. Mark Gerrells – Rabun County Sheriff’s Office, Georgia

Mark is the Lead Training Officer for the Rabun County Sheriff’s office. Mark has a background in the Martial Arts and Firearms. Listen in about Mark’s philosophies on training Law Enforcement, SWAT Teams and civilians.

Episode 5: Greg Thompson

Special Operations Combatives- After September 11, 2001, Greg was one of a small group of civilians asked to work as a Federal Defensive Tactics and Air Marshal hand to hand instructor. Greg is the creator of SOCP ( Special Operations Combatives Program). SOCP was the first officially designated Combatives Program for all U.S. Army Special Operations Forces. Listen in and find out more about Greg and his developments of five knives, a rescue tool His H2H Combatives book.

Episode 4: Master Terry Giles

On this episode we welcome Terry Giles. Terry is a Martial Arts Master and World Champion who operated a series of training studios over three decades. Terry became very well know around the country and abroad for his specialized training techniques and physical conditioning regimes in the full contact fighting, competition sparing and defensive tactics areas. During this time Terry had become a staff instructor with Executive Security International (ESI) in Aspen, Colorado. Being a skilled combat shooter Terry became a Range Master under legendary firearms instructor John Farnham.

Episode 3: Hank Hayes – No Lie Blades

Hank Hayes started learning Martial Arts at age 10; when he formally started training and sought out the more aggressive disciplines that he could apply to his daily life on the streets of NYC. Hank served as an executive protection specialist for 11 years working with such names as The Ramones, Taylor Dayne, Aretha Franklin and dozen’s of business executives traveling around the world. In 1997 Hank invented the No Lie Blades Training Knife and in 1999 released the No Lie Blades Edged Weapon Tactical Fighting System. His company is an official Department of Defense Contract firm with a 97% US government past performance record. As of Jan 2014 his company has officially and successfully trained over 11,412 operators from DI’s (Drill Instructors), SOCOM (Special Operation Command), SF (Special Forces), fast entry groups, S.W.A.T. teams, Sheriff Dept’s, Corrections, Patrol officers, Navy SEAL operators and many Force Protection units. NLB courses are now accredited in several different states.
Hank and John Riddle discuss edged weapons, self-defense and the warrior mentality.

Episode 2: Nir Maman- Israeli Special Forces Krav Maga CT 707

John Riddle sits with Nir Maman to discuss self-defense and more specifically Krav Maga. Nir has a professional background that spans twenty years of service in the fields of Military Special Operations, Police Tactical Operations, Law Enforcement, and High-Risk Security Operations. He served in the Israeli Special Forces Counter-Terror Unit and Counter-Terror School. During his service he held several positions including Commander of the Counter-Terror School’s International Joint Forces Training Section where he was responsible for developing and delivering specialized Counter-Terror Warfare, Hostage Rescue, and Krav Maga training to Special Forces Units from various countries around the world, including the United States of America, that would attend the Israeli Special Forces Counter-Terror School in preparation for high risk deployments to Iraq and Afghanistan. At one point, as the Lead Counter-Terror Instructor on the Counter-Terror School’s Hostage Rescue Section, Nir was responsible for training the IDF’s Hostage Rescue Units in all areas of Counter-Terror warfare and Hostage Rescue including Hostage Rescue Operations in domestic and foreign/hostile environments, Close-Quarters-Combat, Aircraft, Ship, Train, and Bus Interdiction, Suicide Bomber recognition and engagement, Urban Warfare, Tactical Shooting, Escape and Evasion, and Krav Maga.

Episode 1: Nick Hughes – Warriors Krav Maga

Author Nick Hughes is a former French Foreign Legionnaire who lived and worked around the world as a bodyguard. His clients included members of the Saudi Royal Family, rock stars, actors and businessmen. Nick is a renowned martial artist who has black belts in various styles including but are not limited to Aikido, Judo, Ju-jutsu, Goju and Shito-Ryu karate. He holds instructor certification in unarmed combat, WWII Combatives, and Violent Patient Management. He also practices Filipino martial arts, and has boxed professionally, and kick-boxed at an amateur level. Nick and John discuss his life and philosophy towards self-defense and personal protection.

Season 1

Episode 9: “Machete” James Guthrie

James Guthrie a Florida family-man and Military veteran who one day went to work only to find himself in a life or death situation. Here with John Riddle, they discuss the events leading to this grueling machete attack.

Episode 8: Diego DeVera – Knockout (KO) Zone

Diego De Vera of KO Zone in Miami Florida, talks about his perspective on training and the importance of physical fitness for self-defense.

Episode 7: Mariel Rosefield – Groundedco

Mariel Rosefield of Groundedco talks about situational awareness and how even a little training may have saved her from getting into trouble with the wrong people.

Episode 6: Maury Abreu – Omega Protective Concepts

Maury Abreu is the CEO and Founder of Omega Protective Concepts. He began his combatives education in boxing at the age of 12 when his father was looking for him to learn skills that could translate to the streets. As he was being raised in an area where he saw a lot of violent crime, he was immediately drawn to the aggression and violent contact that boxing offered, yet was lacking in the traditional martial arts he’d previously done. Maury continued to compete as a boxer well into his late 20’s.

Maury served as a Sergeant in U.S. Marine Corps at various duty stations, where he provided security at sensitive sites and instructed military personnel in the operation and deployment of various weapons and tactics both domestically and abroad. He was also selected as a Close Combat Instructor, training Marines in all aspects of military combatives.

Maury then became a Federal Correctional Officer with the Federal Bureau of Prisons. Shortly after September 11, 2001 he then began working for a government agency responsible for training individuals who operate globally and independently without backup, specifically in extreme close quarters combat and counterterrorism.

Maury is a nationally published author for Paladin Press, sharing some of his knowledge and passion for knife combatives on Kelly McCann’s Sudden Violence Series: “Edged Weapons: Response to Violent Knife Attacks.”

Maury is a competent and dynamic instructor with a legitimate teaching journey, possessing more than 20 years of combined military, law enforcement, and counterterrorism experience including instructing at a multitude of law enforcement and counterterrorism academies.

He has trained thousands of S.W.A.T. and law enforcement, military, and civilian clients, and is a certified instructor in Extreme Close-Quarters Personal Protection, Use of Force, Military Combatives, Knife and Firearm deployment and defense, Restraint and Control, Chemical Sprays, Baton, Physical Fitness, and Boxing.

Check them out at

Episode 5: Thomas Pecora – Former CIA Agent

Thomas Pecora is prepared to draw back the curtain on the little-known and misunderstood world of the CIA protective operations—security teams who work on the front lines in some of the most dangerous places in the world, doing battle with America’s most determined enemies in the War on Terror and more. Thomas and John discuss the Mentality and Skills necessary for survival and self-defense.

Episode 4: Will Sherlund – Gutter Fighting Secrets

Will wanted to use the training he received over many years to keep his fellow men safe. He was tired of seeing people become victims from not being able to fight back due to lack of purpose or training. He doesn’t like to see people get mislead by con martial artists. At Gutter Fighting Secrets Will is committed to helping individuals become Ultimate Tacticians. Todays world is full of challenges on every front and we realize most of them do not involve physical confrontation. While the core of what Will does remains self-defense and combatives, he prefers to use the term SELF PRESERVATION, as this encompasses the entirety of his mission.

Episode 3: Iris LaNuez & Chemi Williams – The Well Armed Women

Eager and excited to get involved with firearms education, TWAW or The Well Armed Women was founded. This organization helps women find proper education in firearms and firearms training.

Episode 2: Rich Graham – Full Spectrum Warrior / Navy Seal

Rich Graham on Condition One by John Riddle, discussing the mentality of self-defense. Rich Graham is a former Navy SEAL who developed a defense system after years as a Muay Thai boxer and then as an operator on the SEAL teams. These are battlefield-tested tactics that are effective for self-defense and devastating to adversaries, no matter what weapon you have–knife, pistol, rifle, or bare hands. Rich also took his weapons fighting from the teams and teamed up with Nauka Fighting to help integrate the firearms into their system of hand to hand. So the fight side, strikes and clinches are not just based off his experiences alone.

Episode 1: Condition One Podcast with John Riddle

An introduction to Condition One, a podcast by John Riddle. A Military, Law Enforcement and a Self Defense background has given John a unique perspective of what it means to be ready. Stay tuned as more episodes will drop weekly with interesting conversations and topics on Condition One Podcast with John Riddle.