MMA Fitness

MMA Fitness
Blend the best aspects of striking and strategy with our MMA Fitness Classes – strength and conditioning for badasses. We teach the science of fight-specific fitness with no contact. A high-energy system that helps you see sustainable results, burn fat, build speed, power, endurance, technique, and build lean muscle.
Challenge your body and your mind with our MMA Fitness Classes offered to all Krav Maga and fitness students.
Our training facility is a no-frills approach to exercise not for the fainthearted but a good deal more fun than another round on the treadmill!
Monday: 7:00 PM
Saturday: 8:15 AM
Sunday: 8:15 AM (various “field” training locations)
Required Gear:
Boxing Gloves
MMA Fingerless Gloves (optional)
Shin Guards (optional)
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