Fitness Class

Get a Fierce & Explosive Physique 

Our program is designed to offer a body transforming formula. Utilizing a combination of multi-joint exercise, heavy weights and a rapid pace, it is targeted to improve muscle tone, strength, endurance and even promote weight loss.

Including everything from running, climbing, throwing, and power-lifting to boxing and martial arts drills, this class is sure to have a little something for everyone. Every day is different so you get the opportunity for a huge range of workouts just by showing up!

No matter what level – every student experiences benefits of aerobic fitness. Classes are kept small so all of your exercise scan be closely and carefully monitored.

Our progressive programming will help you conquest physical feats and mental milestones, always pushing you to the next level as you realize what you are capable of!

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Training Routines:

Monday: Strength Training *Legs & Shoulders
Tuesday: Cardio – Boxing – Kick Boxing Mix
Wednesday: Strength Training *Chest & Triceps
Thursday: Cardio – Boxing – Kick Boxing Mix
Friday: Strength Training *Back & Biceps

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