Author: John Riddle

{VIDEO} Home Security for New Home Buyers

When looking to purchase a new home it is up to the buyers to do due diligence when checking the neighborhood, beefing up security in and around the home. Such things as security lighting, cameras and cutting back shrubs is a great first step. In this video John is interviewed by Tristian Payne of the […]

{VIDEO} Make Your Home a Hard Target for Crime

John Riddle’s experience ranges from military operations, to street and investigative law enforcement, to over 1,000 SWAT entries, to teaching combative self defense internationally. Today he shares his experience from responding to burglaries and home invasions, and from forcibly entering the lairs of felons, to teach us how to make our homes less attractive targets […]

Episode 13 – On The Beat Podcast

 On our final episode of 2020, Lou and John welcome Tom Pecora. Tom retired from the CIA as a GS 15 where he had worked in protective operations, counterterrorism, and security training, most of it operating in low intensity conflict areas. Chief of Security in Southeast Asia, South Asia, and the Middle East, Tom […]

Episode 12 – On The Beat Podcast

 On the 12th episode of On The Beat, Lou & John welcome their former teammate ‘Big’ George Randolph. The guys go into George’s days as a Heavyweight Kickboxing Champion, a U.S. Army Special Operator and a law enforcement officer in Florida.

Episode 11 – On The Beat Podcast

 This week, Lou and John go back to their first days on the SWAT team. Tune in as the guys tell you about their most memorable experiences in SWAT. From their team tryout, to breaching their first door.

Episode 10 – On The Beat Podcast

 Lou and John welcome mentor, motivator, and co-owner of Riddle Defense, Leigh Garczynski. As a survivor of domestic abuse, Leigh shares the signs of abuse beyond the physical and some options for getting immediate help.

Episode 8 – On The Beat Podcast

This week, Lou and John welcome retired Firefighter of the Palm Beach County Fire Rescue, Ric Jorge. Ric has developed several courses for developing resiliency in First Responders. The three discuss the physical and mental resources available to anyone who is struggling.

Episode 7 – On The Beat Podcast

Episode 7 September is National Suicide Prevention Month. This week, Lou and John welcome the powerful, Tiffany Vanyo. Anyone could be struggling with suicide. Start the conversation, provide support, and direct help to those who need it.

Episode 6 – On The Beat Podcast

Episode 6 This week, Lou and John welcome Rick Tirelli. Rick discusses his first beat with the NYPD, his most memorable homicide case as a first-grade detective in Manhattan South, and his life after law enforcement producing movies & tv shows.

Episode 5 – On The Beat Podcast

Episode 5 This week, Lou and John welcome Marine Corp. combat veteran Chris Maroto. The guys discuss Chris’s tours in Iraq, Afghanistan, the transition to civilian life and a new career in law enforcement.

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